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Acid Proof Bricks (38mm & 75mm thick)
Acid Proof Tiles (10mm to 25mm thick)
Red Mandana Stone Flooring
Carbon / Graphite Tile Lining
Kothari’S Branded Complete Acid Proof
Epoxy Floor Coatings
Epoxy Screeding / Lining
RCC Chimney Brick Lining
Acid Proof Joint Fillings
Job Works

Speciality Jobs

Rad Mandana Stone Flooring  
For Large Chemical Process Floor Area, We recommend Acid Resisting Mandana Stone Flooring Work with Kothari's Special Acid Proof Bedding & Joint Filling Cements & Resin Base Mortars.

Coaltar Epoxy Coating  
For D. M. Plant, Secondary Waste Treatment Plant & M.S. Structures, We recommended Coaltar Epoxy base Coating & Screed Work.
S.W.Pipe Joints
We undertake turnkey project work for Stone Wore Pipe Jointing in all type of chemical based plants with Kothari's special SW Pipe Jointing Acid Proof resin base Cements-Mortars.
Refactory Work  
We Undertake Turnkey Refractory Brick Work for Boiler, Furnaces, Kilns & RCC Chimney all over the world with Labour & Materials.
Ceramic Coating  
Special Coating : A unique CERAMIC COATING & LININGS designed by our Company in order to solve the corrosion & erosion Problems for inside surface of volutes & impellers (Rotors) of all types of Industrial Pums, Valves & Fitting get corroded & required to change whole body frequently due to continuous usages of Acidic water and other chemicals. Applicable thickness varied from 0.5mm, as per requirement.
PENETRON Water-Proofing System  
REFRACTORY We Manufacture & Export High Alumina Refractory Bricks, Siliminite & Megnastie Bricks, Kynite Bricks & other Refractory cements.
MASTIC A Hot melt type corrosion resistant cement in Powder from with latest technology, Resists dilute acids, alkalies, salt, etc. Best for heavy duty industrial flooring and brick/tile inter-liner material.Effective laying system for floors/elevated floors of chemical storage tank-pads in Refinery, Gase & Oil base projects.
CARBONFILLED MORTAR 100% Carbon-filled cement forresistance against Hydrofloricacid, floride salts and other strong alkalies. Carbon bricks and tiles of different sizes are also available.
We Manufacture India's Premium Quality Acid Proof Tiles & Bricks of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, & 75mm of International Standards.
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